Luciana Ross impacts our community

Jeff Bailey welcomes Luciana Ross, his mentor to Yoga Loft Boulder.

Luciana has over 20 years of experience helping students gain movement, release old injuries and progress in their bodies. She met with, shared and taught our Avita teachers over Memorial Day weekend.

“It was an incredible experience to learn so much from a hands-on expert. I got to see first hand some of the transformations in people’s bodies literally in minutes. I can’t wait to soak up more from Luciana.” ~ Ingrid DiPaula

Luciana Ross impacts our community in many ways. She opens our minds to new ways of looking at the body, how to help it heal, release pain and manage our day-to-day habits.

Lucian Ross opens up Troy Guinnep's neck at a recent training with Jeff Bailey and Luciana Ross in Boulder, CO