Avita Yoga Teacher Training

Why are you drawn to this practice?

What inspires you? Do you want to help others?

These are the important questions that we ask to become informed students, and if we are inspired to become good teachers, we must remain good students. One of the simplest definitions of yoga is the study of self.

There will be anatomy, physiology, and theory as they relate to Avita Yoga. You will meet new people and make new friends. There will be movement, laughter and a lot of fun. Avita Yoga Teacher Training’s primary intent is to identify hidden obstacles and cultivate a personal home practice to help resolve them. How will you successfully guide another through their practice if you cannot guide yourself through your own? You will learn to love your personal practice. You will be provided with a set of 50 class plans to practice and teach (the same class plans form the foundation of our learning throughout the training). You will learn new skills and the essentials for sharing Avita Yoga with others.

Upon completion, the certified Avita Yoga® Teacher will have a strong home practice, be able to teach to small groups, and have a deeper understanding of themselves which is the cornerstone of health and happiness.

But the learning won’t stop here. It takes time to integrate and apply the teachings to your students and classroom. The optional Avita Teachers Network is a support system for you and your colleagues, which includes:

  • Authorization to use the Avita Yoga® registered trademark
  • Video instruction addressing injuries, compensatory patterns, and other unique student needs
  • Ongoing support and interaction with Jeff Bailey and fellow teachers
  • Location finder on Avita.yoga website
  • Marketing support, materials, guidelines to promote your business
  • Unlimited access to Avitaonline.com

The annual licensing fee is $70 per month or $800 per year and is for those who want to use the Avita® brand and have ongoing support. For those who do not wish to teach, the license is not necessary.


What to Expect

No prior teaching experience is required. In fact, this could very well be your first yoga teacher training. Because Avita® is so unique, the less you know about other styles of yoga, the better. Many come to Avita Yoga Teacher Training with no intention of teaching. While some find they have a knack and desire to teach, most participate to enhance their understanding of the practice and theory.

Come prepared to learn with fellow students – each with a unique history of life experiences, patterns, and injuries and each eager to work through their trepidation and grow and learn together. If you feel nervous, even terrified of the idea of participating in this program, you are not alone! It will take some trust, but you will overcome this fear quickly as you discover early that we are all in this to grow and learn together. The diversity of the classroom inspires the Avita Yoga Teacher Training. If you plan to teach, a diverse population is what you will also see in your classes.

Upon completion, you will graduate with an understanding of your bodily patterns and constitution that limit movement and health. This will help you develop a more fulfilling Avita practice, and it will provide the foundation for you to develop the necessary skills to teach to small groups. 

Your homework will be mostly in the form of personal practice, but there will be required reading and small research-oriented assignments. Most trainees find that they naturally gravitate to a home practice supported by online video and written class plans. How much and how often you practice is up to you. You will be asked to journal your findings as you experience the changes taking place in your body and mind.

To access the healing nature of the mind, we will use The Yoga Sutras and the timeless classic by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha. You will be given thought-provoking questions to help your journal get the most of this reading. All trainees will receive prewritten class plans and a training manual.

It’s not only what is taught; it’s how it is taught.

Why become an Avita Yoga® teacher?

Come to this training to learn about yourself, grow with others, and draw out the innate gifts you didn’t know you had—gifts that you were meant to share, regardless of the teaching level you decide upon. You will develop teaching skills and learn how to share something unique and personal with the people who come into your life.

Time Commitment

The training takes place over a 6-month period and includes both Online and In-person components:

  • Six 3-day weekends interactive online (108 hours)
    • 6 Hours Per Day
  • Online non-interactive Instruction (30 hours)
  • Online Practice (50 hours)
  • Approximately 190 Hours Total

Life happens, and sometimes trainees are not able to attend every session. All classroom teachings will be recorded and can be used to make up for the missed class time.

Objective and Materials

In addition to practice and theory, you will learn essential anatomy and physiology related to the practice. There will be sections on the spiritual aspects of the practice where “spiritual” is defined as anything that brings you closer to lasting peace and clarity, making the entire study relevant and practical. We will use the classic story of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse as our lead-in to the spiritual aspect of the practice. Siddhartha (Shambhala Publications) is the story of a young man working through the trials and tribulations of life—to know thyself—the goal of anyone on the awakening journey. We’ll discuss supporting correlations in The Yoga Sutras as well. Along with a basic anatomy book, these are the only necessary reading materials. Along with an Avita Teachers Manual, students will be given 50 Avita Yoga class plans designed to inform you, the aspiring teacher, on the essentials of the practice while providing a formula for rich and positive change for students you begin to work with along the way. The purpose of the training is to inform you as a student and as a teacher. Thus, the aspiration to teach is not a requirement for the training. What matters is the desire to learn and grow as a student. How you are destined to share the practice with others is often revealed during or after the training.

As a student, Avita Yoga Teacher Training is designed to help you:

  • Understand your body and its patterns and restrictions.
  • Gain a practical and helpful understanding of anatomy and physiology.
  • Draw out limiting beliefs and transform them into something helpful.
  • Move further along your inner healing journey and understand that we all have one. In a sense, this is our shared life-work.
  • Develop a better understanding of the Avita practice and how it applies to you and your body

As a teacher, the training is designed to help you:

  • Draw out your hidden talents and aspirations.
  • Understand how there have been no accidents in your journey and that everything can be repurposed to make you a skilled teacher.
  • Develop your voice, the one you use to inspire yourself as you inspire others.
  • Cultivate deeper healing for yourself as you help others. We cannot help others unless we include ourselves.
  • Develop leadership skills that help you hold the classroom as a healing container, whether with one student or many.



Located in Boulder, Colorado, Yoga Loft is situated near the foot of Boulder’s famous Flatirons. There’s plenty of extracurricular fun to be had and the studio is surrounded by great eateries and coffee shops.

Avita Yoga® Teacher Training

The training is designed for 100% remote, online learning, and all sessions will be available on the student learning portal.